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Roller Coaster Zipline

About the Roller Coaster Zipline

The Roller Coaster Zipline is a new flight type, safe and adrenalinic at the same time. It’s a unique experience, suitable both for adults and kids. 

It consists of a zipline made by aluminium tubes, with ups and downs and right and left corners that amplify the thrill of flying.  

We use a pulley with a magnetic brake system, built with cutting-edge materials. It is light, cheap and silente. Our aluminium clamps are a guarantee of lightweight and stability. 

An instruction manual is always supplied.

Extra accessories:

  1. Portable rolling machine, which facilitates the assembly of the route on site
  2. Harness sit-Line model – S,M,L size

Technical features for the line workability

Tube diameter100mm
Single tube length3m
Minimum slope5,5%
Maximum slope10%
Minimum curvature radius3000 R
Maximum speed in line35 km/h
Maximum speed of arrival accepted5 km/h
Pulley tube 2

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